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When I’m upset, I stop drinking

February 21, 2017

Hello, friends.

Last night after I had prepared dinner and had my one measured glass of wine with it I poured a second (and planned to be last) glass. But DW had said a few things that made me upset, and she started to press the issue, so I got up, took my glass of wine into the kitchen, poured it back in the bottle, and put the bottle back in the fridge. I had opened it for us both to enjoy, so now I have an opened full bottle of wine in the fridge. And I weigh a pound less today than yesterday. Win-win.

It underscores what I know to be true about me. When I’m upset the last thing I want is to drink. That leads down a path I no longer wish to go.

Just Plain Phil

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2 Comments on "When I’m upset, I stop drinking"

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Cherie Sanders
Hi , I’ve never joined or posted anything but I needed some help on this matter. I drank for many years and it caused problems in most area’s of my life. I have not drank in 2 months. My mom and step dad attended A.A. meetings most of my life. I’ve seen mostly good in A.A. but it’s not my choice. I want to decide if I can manage my drinking (by limiting and being a mindful drinker) or if not I’ll quit. My husband doesn’t want me to drink and I don’t want to drink like I use to.… Read more »
Kary May Hickey
Cherie, I’m glad you felt you could reach out to us here at MM. I am in kind of a unique position to answer this question, I once was a heavy nightly drinker and am now someone who chooses not to drink but I still live with a heavy drinker. So, I can see your side of this problem and your husband’s. For me, I had to try moderation before I could embrace the idea of giving up drinking for good, I can say with confidence that I don’t think I would ever had made this decision to quit completely… Read more »