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Thank you, I am reading more here and learning …

June 21, 2018

Comment on Welcome to New Members! by Matthew Smith.

Thank you, I am reading more here and learning my way around the site. Trying to focus on how great I feel the day after a day of NOT drinking….on firm ground, clear and sound.

Matthew Smith Also Commented

Welcome to New Members!
Hi I just joined MM. I am so happy I found this site. How did I get here? I havent hit bottom or weaved from crisis to crisis, drama to drama, no binges and no black outs. I am a quiet drunk. After preping dinner, I start: One martini, two maybe a third…every day. I am a great cook but I cant taste the food as I am “polluted” by my cocktails. And so it went, day in day out…waiting until 5pm, carefully stopping at 6;30 when I served my instagram perfect meals…And then I said “enough. tired of a disturbed sleep pattern, acid reflux, high BP and mood instability that alcohol must inevitably cause. Tired of the habituation… So decided to drink according to the guidelines, not to exceed 14 units, trying to stay to two drinking days only, no solo drinking. Thank God, my partner does not drink on weekdays. So honing the program as I learn more here Three weeks now. Take great joy in that I have cut back drinking about 75% this way…..Day by Day.