Topic of the Week: What About Drinking Keeps You Trying?

October 17, 2016


So much of our time and energy is spent focusing all the reasons we are trying to change our drinking habits, the bad things, the hangover, the regrettable drunk dialings, the hurt we have caused others while drinking. So why do you keep trying? Why not just quit drinking all together?

Here at MM, we don’t believe that alcohol is evil, we do acknowledge that there are good times and good memories associated with alcohol that are hard to let go of.┬áSo, what is it you’re holding on to? What are the good things that drinking provides that keeps you trying?

One comment on “Topic of the Week: What About Drinking Keeps You Trying?
  1. Just Plain Phil says:

    I like the single glass of wine with dinner, the dram of fine bourbon in the evening, the aroma of decent brandy in a huge snifter while the snow falls outside.

    Once moderation is the default and alcohol is a small but enjoyable part of your life, it can be enjoyed without the terrible consequences over drinking caused in the past.

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