Time to tackle the 30 day abstinent challenge

March 26, 2018

Scared and excited. 72 y/o with 30+ years of AA sobriety. Decided to drink about 5 years ago. At first it was exciting to be partaking of all the new flavors that hit the market while I was sober. Eventually it distilled(no pun intended)down to vodka.

I drink to go to sleep and like the knock out feeling.  Needless to say that took on a life of its own and the sense that I am wasting my days feeling less than par has affected my self esteem and energy.

Being retired with no need to “make a living” I don’t have the need for restraint I felt all those years when I worked and was AA sober.

I am reading the Responsible Drinking book and been poking around this site for a while now.

Here I go now . . .

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  1. Kary May Hickey says:

    Welcome Jerry! We have several members who have had the similar experience of maintaining abstinence for years or decades with AA and then decide to explore moderation-without support-and find themselves drinking at a level they are not comfortable with. A 30 is a good way to reset, some members find they need more than a 30, it’s up to you. I do believe support from others who are tackling the same issues-just like the support AA provides so well- increases our chances of success. You might want to check out our MM forum http://forum.moderation.org/ or MMList http://www.moderation.org/online/listserv.html and join those who are currently doing a 30 or joining up with a group starting one in April-there’s almost always someone starting a new 30 at the beginning of each month. If you have any problems signing on, let me know at karymayhickey@gmail.com.

  2. Vera Freeman says:

    Hi Jerry, I am brand new to MM and starting my 30 day challenge today (well, yesterday I guess). I learned about MM in January and I made it something like 12 days into Dryuary, but fell off the wagon and have been off it since then. I am 37 and have been a heavy daily drinker since college. I love the knock out feeling. I love everything about alcohol except the terrible toil it takes on my body and my relationships. I have 2 kids and a partner and my drinking has been a big problem for them. I have to get my act together. I’m ready to change but really scared of failing.
    Good luck to you on the 30 day challenge.

    • Jerry Porter says:

      Vera, I feel deeply for where you are in your life. I clearly recall going to AA at age 37, it was a turning point in my life. I hope you well and believe your answers are within you!

  3. Jerry Porter says:

    I could not figure out how to get a row in the accountability chart. It is probably better for me to make a note occasionally here instead. I am keeping a personal daily diary at this early point.
    I drink at night to get knocked to sleep. Of course that resulted in rebound wakefulness that led to more drinks during the night for another knock out. Needless to say, my days got pretty awful with hang overs and all they entail.
    This AM was my 4th wake up with no drinks at night(day drinking is not appealing at this time of my life). I’ve had to read myself back to sleep from one to 3 times a night but that is working for now. A thought I got from MM was that the time spent “going through” what ever it takes to not take the drink is way less than the time spent living and regretting the consequences. Now that is totally my interpretation of what I read but it has helped me each night to recognize that this need(habit)for a drink to sleep will pass, it is temporary and I can wait it out. That reframing of the “want to drink” time has influenced me beyond what I thought it might when I first read it. It works for me and for that I am grateful and thankful for the person who put it out for the rest of us to benefit. My answers are for me and I hope you find your answers for you.

    • Kary May Hickey says:

      Jerry, I, too, was someone that had to get up in the middle of the night to drink. I suffered from palpitations-caused by my drinking- that would wake me up about 2:00 a.m. every night. They terrified me and the only way to stop them was to drink, so I’d get up and drink wine until 6 a.m when I passed out again. It’s no way to live. Sleeping does get better, in fact, it’s one of the things that most of us rave about when we finally get our drinking under control again. As a matter of fact, someone on the MMForum described her sleep as “Delicious” the other day.
      If you would like help setting up an Abstar row or joining one of our private communities, you can write me at karymayhickey@gmail.com. Of course, if you want to continue to just post here, that’s okay, too. We appreciate you sharing your journey here.

  4. Jerry Porter says:

    I keep myself accountable: I’ve had 9 nights without vodka to knock myself to sleep or to knock myself back to sleep after awakening in the night. Yessss! I have made the decision to allow my self a 2oz vodka in afternoon to nap. I’ve done that once and it seems work for me. So to say I am on the 30 day challenge is inaccurate. I am trying a way to manage differently for now. This is a safe place to do so. Night drinking is in the same category for me as drinking and driving. These are my first rules for moderation management. Thanks for listening and responding.

  5. Ray Wohltman says:

    Hello All! I got involved with MM about 4 years ago now, and I’ve done several 30’s along the way, with my goal then being to only have a few on weekend days, maybe Friday night, but then abstain during the work week. At first, I could, but then after each 30 I’d slip back to weekly drinking in shorter and shorter time frames. So, on the 6th of this month I’m doing a 90 to see if that resets my drinking pattern. I never have more than 3, albeit a strong 3, so I don’t think I’m really drunk, as I’m a pretty big guy, but I get lazy and sleepy which I hate, and put off thiings that are important for stuff that sure isn’t. In all honesty, it’s easier for me to say no to the first drink than to the 3rd. Anyone else experience anything like this?
    Cheers, Ray

    • Kary May Hickey says:

      Hi Ray,
      If you want some company on your 90, there’s almost always a group doing a 30 over on our forum or Listserv. I know the Listserv has a group doing a September Dirty 30 starting tomorrow, but I’m sure you could join in on the 6th.

  6. Debbie says:

    I would love to do this starting on the 6th. Thank you.

    • Kary May Hickey says:

      Debbie, I suggest you join the MM Listserv or Forum, the links are over on the sideboard. You will find a group attempting a 30 almost every month or groups attempting shorter periods of abs. Hey, we even have groups that attempt moderation together. lol

    • Elizabeth Curran says:

      I go to AA… not sure if I belong there. I never drank to black out. I enjoy a beer a couple times a week. I was looking for a program where I can manage my alcohol. I don’t like getting drunk( although I have in the past) I hate hangovers . I am interested in trying this program. Thank you Elizabeth PS I just went to Mexico.a had a few margarita’s and did not have a desire to get drunk. Hangover’s are a waste of a day that we will never get back. Thx. again, Elizabeth

      • Kary May Hickey says:

        Elizabeth, I think you would find MM more supportive of your current moderate drinking than AA. We have a new meeting called the Moderation Curious meeting for those who have had an extended period of abstinence or who have been involved in abstinence-based programs and are now interested in exploring moderation. Here’s a link to our video meeting directory. MM Video Meetings

  7. Kansas says:

    Looking for help with abstinence or moderation for unwanted alcohol consumption. Non religious

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