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Time to tackle the 30 day abstinent challenge

March 26, 2018

Scared and excited. 72 y/o with 30+ years of AA sobriety. Decided to drink about 5 years ago. At first it was exciting to be partaking of all the new flavors that hit the market while I was sober. Eventually it distilled(no pun intended)down to vodka.

I drink to go to sleep and like the knock out feeling.  Needless to say that took on a life of its own and the sense that I am wasting my days feeling less than par has affected my self esteem and energy.

Being retired with no need to “make a living” I don’t have the need for restraint I felt all those years when I worked and was AA sober.

I am reading the Responsible Drinking book and been poking around this site for a while now.

Here I go now . . .

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Kary May Hickey
Welcome Jerry! We have several members who have had the similar experience of maintaining abstinence for years or decades with AA and then decide to explore moderation-without support-and find themselves drinking at a level they are not comfortable with. A 30 is a good way to reset, some members find they need more than a 30, it’s up to you. I do believe support from others who are tackling the same issues-just like the support AA provides so well- increases our chances of success. You might want to check out our MM forum http://forum.moderation.org/ or MMList http://www.moderation.org/online/listserv.html and join those… Read more »
Vera Freeman
Hi Jerry, I am brand new to MM and starting my 30 day challenge today (well, yesterday I guess). I learned about MM in January and I made it something like 12 days into Dryuary, but fell off the wagon and have been off it since then. I am 37 and have been a heavy daily drinker since college. I love the knock out feeling. I love everything about alcohol except the terrible toil it takes on my body and my relationships. I have 2 kids and a partner and my drinking has been a big problem for them. I… Read more »