Second Weekend of my 30

November 14, 2017

My second weekend started on Friday where I took a girl to an ” East Coast Paint Party ” where an artist will lead a predetermined piece of art tutorial and you get to paint it. She had a glass of red wine but I stuck to water. Got an early bed and an early rise on Saturday.

Saturday there was quite a few parties going on with work friends and regular buddies as well. I went to a pre-drink event at a buddies house but just drank water and socialized. Everyone was on board with my sober month and I actually may have even motivated a few of the boys to do the same thing.

Overall my first 30 is going super well, so well in fact that I may extend it, as I am having a great time.

If anyone has similar stories or input feel free to comment, I enjoy it


2 comments on “Second Weekend of my 30
  1. Kary May Hickey says:

    Congrat on 2nd Weekend success, Angus! See, not drinking can be fun, huh? I love that you are posting on our public site and giving the public an encouraging glimpse into your experience. Unfortunately, we don’t get a lot of back and forth communication here-I hope that changes someday. But for now most of the back and forth happens over at the MM Forum and MM List (links at the top of the sidebar), you will find lots of company over there.

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