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Newbie-need helps with terms used

March 21, 2017

I am a newbie. Is there somewhere I can go to find out what the different terminology used means? I found out what Trike means yesterday. (here I 1st thought they were talking about a motorcycle!!!

Also is there somewhere I can look up suggestions what other members are trying to drink instead of alcohol? Like putting sparkling water in my wine glass?

Thank you all. Look forward to joining in the conversation and your help.


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Kary May Hickey
Hi Gloria! Sounds like I need to write an article about the ins and outs of MM! It also sounds like you’ve been active on either the forum or Listserv where they use these terms. For a brief synopsis, MM’s members find signing up for different rosters makes them more accountable (great tool-and I probably need to write an article about tools, too) and helps them achieve their goals. Below is the Roster Roster email that goes out every week to explain the different terms to new members. I apologize if the links don’t work. You can join in on… Read more »
Kary May Hickey

Also, if you go to the forum and post a new thread titled, “Favorite NA drink suggestions, I’m sure you’ll get a slew of recipes. Sparkling water and cranberry juice seems to be a favorite.

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