December 28, 2017

Just signed up. Nervous and scared

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  1. Eugene Cahill says:

    You’ve made a Great step in the right direction. MM never hurts. No one ever said damn the next morning I wish I didn’t moderate last night 🙂

    • Jessie says:

      Help! I keep trying to sign up, create user ID and it won’t let me. Will provide a fictitious name but real email but would prefer to be contacted via text @6185608988. Have tried aa. Groups here consist of white grumpy men.

      • Kary May Hickey says:

        Hi Jessie,
        Unfortunately, we are not set-up to send texts, all of our communications take place through email. I am unclear as to whether you are trying to set up a userID here on the Public Hub or the MM forum or Listserv. If you are trying to set up a user ID here, I’m sorry to inform you that the Public Hub is going to be closed down soon but the posts will eventually be integrated into our “coming soon” new website. If you would like to join the Forum or listserv, please visit and click on the forum or listserv under the online support menu, or you can email me at

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