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New to Druary and to Blogging

January 21, 2017


So I decided to try moderation drinking. I tried it once before but thought I could do it without that “thirty day sober thing.” Guess what? It didn’t work! Surprise!!!! However, this time I am committed to dryuary although I was a day late. I have to admit that I did drink too much on Jan.1 but when the 2nd rolled around I was ready to start (or is that quit?) So this is the second night of no alcohol. I love to drink wine from early eve. until I go to bed. I LIKE TO DRINK! That is why I drink. However this past month I did overindulge to the point that I am ready to start moderating.

I feel very strong and determined, but am worried how long that will last. I am a very competitive person with myself. I am a runner and always feel like I could have run faster or broken another Personal Record (PR). So………I have determined that I can do this or I will not PR. I have failed before but want to run the race until the end of thirty days, then follow the moderation guidelines. I may need ¬†of encouragement and prayers

I am not sure that I am posting in the right place, but haven’t figured out all of the groups and how to get started in them.

So thanks for reading and I am turning out the lights after #2 day of no alcohol.


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Kary May Hickey
Welcome to MM Sallie! I can’t wait to read your future blogs, there aren’t enough moderate bloggers out there. This is MM’s public page and all posts can be read by the general public, if you’d like more private one-on-one, please visit our website: http://www.moderation.org/ or the MM forum: http://forum.moderation.org/ . While it is our hope that this site will start to see more traffic and support for it’s members, kind of like Reddit does for every subject under the sun, we realize that sometimes people want to keep their struggle with alcohol out of the pubic eye. There are… Read more »