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How true, Kary. And Kelsey Grammar is another who is …

June 21, 2018

Comment on Myths, Fairy Tales and Grim Stories From The Haunted Forest by Just Plain Phil.

How true, Kary. And Kelsey Grammar is another who is drinking moderately after a long time of abusing alcohol, including putting his show “Frasier” on hold while he went to rehab.

Recent Comments by Just Plain Phil

Where to begin?
Right there with ya, Linny. It was always so much easier to drink than to be the fantastic, wonderful human being I always thought I was, especially when drunk! Now, having learned to moderate, I’m finding out I CAN be that person! Check out the resources Kary mentioned. And welcome!

Playing With Fire
Yes, indeed, Kary. Great analogy. And you’re right – we don’t see the scars left on our children, our friends, our relatives, heck even on ourselves. But they are there. They are there in the invitations we extend that go unanswered, the RSVP’s that never come, the awkward times when people do manage to gather together.

MM Public Hub Topic Of The Week: What’s Your Tips For Staying On Track During The Holidays
Ana’s trick was to start the evening with a single glass of white wine and as the evening progressed she kept adding ice chips. Never more wine – just more ice chips.

Welcome to New Members!
I joined MM in 1999 because I had joined AA in late 1998, done the 90 in 90, was saddled with an ex-Marine for a sponsor, and it just wasn’t working. MM offered a non-judgemental place to be. I’m happy I did.

Topic of the Week: What About Drinking Keeps You Trying?
I like the single glass of wine with dinner, the dram of fine bourbon in the evening, the aroma of decent brandy in a huge snifter while the snow falls outside.

Once moderation is the default and alcohol is a small but enjoyable part of your life, it can be enjoyed without the terrible consequences over drinking caused in the past.