MM Topic Of The Week: Obstacles to Moderation

October 3, 2016
This weeks topic:
What do you consider your biggest obstacle to achieving moderation and how do you handle it?
All of us have reasons that we put off trying to moderate or, when we finally decide to try, obstacles that seem insurmountable at first. ¬†My marriage kept me from attempting any change in my drinking habits for years. ¬†Unfortunately, my and my husband’s relationship had become too centered around drinking. I finally came to the point, though, that I had to take the risk. Five years later, his drinking and my not is still a bone of contention, more on my part than his, but I have realized I have to keep my self happy and healthy to even have a chance at a healthy happy marriage and, most important, a healthy, happy life. I’ve learned that if a relationship hinges on whether I drink or not, it’s not a relationship I should hang on to.
Your turn!
2 comments on “MM Topic Of The Week: Obstacles to Moderation
  1. Phil Just says:

    Once I moderated my drinking there was still one hurdle: my old drinking buddy. I had to finally decide I could no longer enjoy a glass of whiskey with him, because we all know what always happened. So, I have my moderate glass of beer or at the most two, while he drinks his Chivas. Beer is not my drink of choice, so moderating with it is easy for me.

  2. beans818 says:

    I have a similar issue with my husband. Even though my drinking, and the consequences of it, have led to turmoil within our marriage (the reason I started moderating) he never agreed that I needed to cut back as drastically as I have. He maintains that when it’s just us, I should just drink the way I always have and just control myself better when I’m out. I can’t even really blame him for thinking that way, since he is able to do that himself. I’m able to do it too, 90% of the time, but I just got to the point where I cannot stomach the shame and guilt that comes with the other 10%.

    That all being said, the hardest part for me is the idea of forever. I’m doing really well with MM, but I still have to think about it. I have to plan and count and constantly be aware, and the idea of doing that forever is tiring. However, it’s better than the alternative. So that’s what keeps me going.

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