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Paul, so much of your post resonates with me. Thanks …

May 26, 2018

Comment on Mindful Drinking by beans818.

Paul, so much of your post resonates with me. Thanks for sharing!

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MM Topic Of The Week: Obstacles to Moderation
I have a similar issue with my husband. Even though my drinking, and the consequences of it, have led to turmoil within our marriage (the reason I started moderating) he never agreed that I needed to cut back as drastically as I have. He maintains that when it’s just us, I should just drink the way I always have and just control myself better when I’m out. I can’t even really blame him for thinking that way, since he is able to do that himself. I’m able to do it too, 90% of the time, but I just got to the point where I cannot stomach the shame and guilt that comes with the other 10%.

That all being said, the hardest part for me is the idea of forever. I’m doing really well with MM, but I still have to think about it. I have to plan and count and constantly be aware, and the idea of doing that forever is tiring. However, it’s better than the alternative. So that’s what keeps me going.

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail…
Update #3: Yesterday was a true test of willpower and determination, but I did it! 2.5 drinks over a 12 hour period of everyone else around me drinking. I had to seperate myself a few times to sit quietly and find some inner peace rather than feeling disappointed, sad, or frustrated about my need for moderation, but I succeeded.

Today is the last full day of the trip, and will likely be just as challenging as the last two. My goal is no more than 4 drinks. I would love to stick to 3. Happy Saturday, friends!

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail…
Updating again. Day 2 of lake trip is going well so far! Starting to feel a little “whiny” about not being able to “drink as much as I want”, so I said I took a break from the crowd to come inside and do my hair and makeup for the night. Checked in on some MM posts and took a minute to myself to reset my thinking. Truth is, I CAN do whatever I want. But what I want is moderation. What I want is to wake up sans hangover. What I want is to wake up with a clear head and sense of serenity and peace.

I’ve been awake since 6:45, not a good sleep last night. I never reall sleep well when I am away from home. I had my first drink around 1:00PM and I’ve since only had a wine spritzer, made with 3-4oz of low alcohol moscato, so it’s really only .5 of a drink. Going to try to stretch it to 10:00 when my husband comes for the next one, and then a .5 after that if I want another. I can DO THIS!

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail…
Update: Only 2 drinks yesterday! We had such a good time my face hurts from laughing. My friends are totally appreciating me cleaning constantly and putting together all of our games & goodies, and it keeps me so busy I’m not even thinking about drinking. Two corona lights spaced about 4 hours apart were throughly enjoyed on our deck overlooking the lake.

Didn’t sleep well last night, which I could look at in a negative way, but I’m choosing to reframe that thought by saying, “An afternoon nap is going to be so nice later!”

Enjoy your Friday, friends!