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Just starting

December 28, 2017
Just starting

I’m currently reading Drinking Responsibly and joined this site a few minutes ago. I will be starting Dryuary but being honest that I may do so for 21 days as my wife’s birthday is the 21st. We do enjoy our wine but she would be 100% supportive of skipping wine, so I don’t know yet.

Nevertheless, I am 54 and have been a high functioning alcoholic for 3 decades. I am in sales and much of our social life is with friends and wine but I can overdo it. Therefore at this point I’m not interested in abstaining but very much need to set limits as is outlined in MM. My father and uncle were alcoholics so odds are not in my favor, however I am optimistic and disciplined by nature. I exercise regularly and disciplined in my job. It won’t be easy but here we go! Any tips or words of advice will be appreciated!

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Kary May Hickey

Hi Sunny! Welcome to MM!. I want to congratulate you on taking the step to look for support to help you reach your drinking goals! I don’t know if you are aware, but this site is our public site where our members share their experiences with people just like you. However, most of our members feel more comfortable over on our private community sites, The MM Forum and The MM Listserv, you can find links for these communities over at the top of the sidebar. There you will get a lot more rapport and find many people who, just like… Read more »