If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail…

August 25, 2016

Ah, we have all heard that saying. It’s true for most things, I find. I’m a teacher and when I don’t prepare adequately, I’m certainly not doing my best teaching. If I don’t plan out my week, I may not get all of my workouts in. If I don’t have healthy foods in the house, I probably won’t eat well. And, of course- If I don’t think out how I’m going to handle drinking situations, I have failed time and time again to moderate my drinking.

I’m sitting at my¬†kitchen island, packed and ready-to-go for a three day weekend at a lake house with nine friends. Out of the nine, nine are heavy drinkers. No one has to drive all weekend long. Just long, lazy days with an abundance of alcohol and shenanigans. I’ve had 18 days of abstinence this month, but nothing is going to test me like this weekend will, and I know that going in.

So what did I do? I planned. I bought the 6% alcohol wine from the drugstore (I can have 10 oz and have it still be “one” alcoholic drink). I bought a sweet moscato so I can mix with seltzer to make my drinks go even further. I made everyone in the house fancy beer mugs, this way when we all drink out of them, no one will ¬†have to know that I’m filling mine with O’douls. I bought NA champagne for a “free” mimosa. I brought margarita mix and daiquiri mix, and will gladly offer to whip up a batch- serving myself before adding in the goodies. I’m even bringing delicious, decadent hot chocolate mix with marshmallows to drink for dessert.

I also poured my energy into planning activities- Baking cakes for the two birthdays, making a make-shift “photo booth”, tons of board games. I’m also planning on going for a run at least two of the three mornings.

Finally, I told my husband and three best friends my intentions. I think that will help me stay on track. The plan is for 3 moderation days, maximum of 3 total drinks on each day. Sunday, the day we leave, I will be abs. Easy enough- We have to be out of the house at 11, and as the only non-hungover body, I’m sure I will be crazy busy with cleanup.

I’ll be checking in, friends. Hope you all have great weekends!



4 comments on “If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail…
  1. Kary May Hickey says:

    Sounds like you have not only prepared to drink moderately, but you’ve prepared your mind to have a good time while drinking moderately. Mind prep is key.

  2. beans818 says:

    Update: Only 2 drinks yesterday! We had such a good time my face hurts from laughing. My friends are totally appreciating me cleaning constantly and putting together all of our games & goodies, and it keeps me so busy I’m not even thinking about drinking. Two corona lights spaced about 4 hours apart were throughly enjoyed on our deck overlooking the lake.

    Didn’t sleep well last night, which I could look at in a negative way, but I’m choosing to reframe that thought by saying, “An afternoon nap is going to be so nice later!”

    Enjoy your Friday, friends!

  3. beans818 says:

    Updating again. Day 2 of lake trip is going well so far! Starting to feel a little “whiny” about not being able to “drink as much as I want”, so I said I took a break from the crowd to come inside and do my hair and makeup for the night. Checked in on some MM posts and took a minute to myself to reset my thinking. Truth is, I CAN do whatever I want. But what I want is moderation. What I want is to wake up sans hangover. What I want is to wake up with a clear head and sense of serenity and peace.

    I’ve been awake since 6:45, not a good sleep last night. I never reall sleep well when I am away from home. I had my first drink around 1:00PM and I’ve since only had a wine spritzer, made with 3-4oz of low alcohol moscato, so it’s really only .5 of a drink. Going to try to stretch it to 10:00 when my husband comes for the next one, and then a .5 after that if I want another. I can DO THIS!

  4. beans818 says:

    Update #3: Yesterday was a true test of willpower and determination, but I did it! 2.5 drinks over a 12 hour period of everyone else around me drinking. I had to seperate myself a few times to sit quietly and find some inner peace rather than feeling disappointed, sad, or frustrated about my need for moderation, but I succeeded.

    Today is the last full day of the trip, and will likely be just as challenging as the last two. My goal is no more than 4 drinks. I would love to stick to 3. Happy Saturday, friends!

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