I learned a lot last night

February 19, 2017

This might be long, so you might want to move on to something else!

Yesterday we had my former drinking buddy and his wife over for dinner. In the past while drinking with him I’ve gotten wasted, obnoxious – you know the drill. So, I no longer drink whiskey with him. I have a plan that includes no hard liquor, lots of water, and no more than three drinks total.

As the evening progressed, I learned several things. As we were relaxing in the hot tub, he on his third drink in a 16-oz. plastic tumbler we use for the patio, he asked me what was I drinking. Water. He said “phhhhhbt!” Well, if I were on my third quadruple drink and he was drinking water, I probably would have had the same reaction!

After dessert, around 9:30 pm, his wife stood up and was ready to leave, but he had recently filled his glass again, and offered to make us all an after-dinner drink called a “liplicker.” So, all of us except his wife (the designated driver) had one. It was good. And I thought how many times in the past I had been so wasted I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy such a nice thing, or even remember it afterwards.

At 10:15 pm his wife put on her coat, a definite “Let’s go home” gesture. Around 10:30 he turned to me and said, “You’re way too sober for us to end the evening!” I replied, “I like being sober.” He said he did, too, but he liked to have a drink now and then. And he said he’d only had three drinks, so he’ll be fine getting up on Sunday, going to church, working out at the gym, getting some chores done. And I remembered how I used to grossly understate how much I’d been drinking. I had three drinks last night, too, except mine were measured according to what constitutes a standard drink, and now it’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve done a bunch of productive stuff already. Putting away the Chivas and Drambuie last night, I estimated his drink total as about 17.

And I learned the most important lesson of all. My sobriety is still the most important thing I have, and I will do everything in my power to protect it.

Happy Sober Sunday, my friends!

Just Plain Phil

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