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I am a first time user on this site today …

May 26, 2018

Comment on How Did I Get Here? by Ellie Best.

I am a first time user on this site today and this initial blog I read was very helpful. I definitely saw myself in Horselover and did some of the same tricks…..hiding in the kitchen and sneaking a drink. Very helpful article. Thank you!!

Recent Comments by Ellie Best

Stamping my Feet
Good for you!! You give me hope with your story!

Drinking No Longer Means Party
I love the idea that we are to remember to love ourselves and we are not terrible bc we have this problem. More self esteem will definitely help me as well! Thank you:)

Mindful Drinking
Very helpful, Paul, I definitely see what you are talking about with paying attention to how you are feeling when drinking.

A moderation short story
I am a new member today and appreciate this story. Gives me hope that I can also say no when I am in a stressful situation. Thank you:)