First Week of my 30

November 9, 2017

Hello my name is Angus. I am Twenty years old and I believe I am a problem drinker. I was directed to Moderation Management by a friend and coworker who believed it could do me a lot of good and I’ve certainly doubled down on everything it has to offer.


I have all the common symptoms.  I am not waking up needing to drink everyday, nor do I have a problem with temporary abstinence periods. I do however have a problem when it comes to getting together with friends in social situations where we are heading to a bar. I would say around 12:30 is when the problems start arising and I am well in the bag. It’s not always a catastrophe but it has been in the past.


I try to be a performance and efficient individual. I have three jobs and I live at one of them so I am constantly working. On top of that a read a fair bit and exercise a lot. I would budget the alcohol into my schedule and It would generally take up a Thursday and Saturday evening but Id be too hungover Sunday to do anything productive.  I imagine this change will do me a lot of good but I will need new methods of stress relief.

If you have some methods that you use and I want to suggest them to me that would be great!


My first week went well, when Thursday came around I was in bed by 9:30 and I got the inevitable text from my friends asking me why I wasn’t at the event night. I answered that I was taking a month of booze and that it wouldn’t be a good idea that I attend as the triggers would be there. They gave me some flack but I ignored it and went to sleep. Same thing happened Saturday night but I told them I was going to see a movie with my dad, I got to sleep that night by 10:30 and had a really productive Sunday.


gotta say I thought the first week would be harder but I imagine the hard parts will come in the following weeks. If you have any tips from your first 30 and you were in a similar situation as me feel free to let me know it is very much appreciated.


Angus the Moderator

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  1. Kary May Hickey says:

    Hi Angus!
    Welcome to MM! Being a public site, this page does not get much interaction. Instead, I suggest you visit and join one of our private communities such as the MM forum or MMList-you’ll see the links to them over at the top of the sidebar under “Looking For Support.” There are several members on both sites that have formed a group to abstain from drinking throughout November and they’ll have some great tips for you!

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