Day 7 of my thirty

November 6, 2016
2 comments on “Day 7 of my thirty
  1. Kary May Hickey says:

    Hi Steve! Welcome to the MM Public Hub! How is your Day 7 going? If I remember right, on my Day 7’s I was usually beginning to feel pretty good, in fact, I felt like I could not only save myself, I could save the world. I hope you’re feeling the same. I don’t know if you are already a member of one of our communities but if you’re not, you might want to check out the MM forum, or the MM Listserv, These communities are private and your conversations there are not open to public view. You’ll find lots of support there, no matter what paths toward moderation you pursue. Of course, you are more than welcome to keep posting here, tell us a little more about yourself and describe your experiences!

    Again, Welcome!

    • Steve Moffat says:

      That’s exactly how I’m feeling although I’m only putting it down to not feeling hungover,yeah I’ll check out those links,thanks

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