What Can Be Accomplished In A Month?

January 1, 2017


I googled that this morning, “What can be accomplished in a month?” I was feeling kind of pressured to write something on the always auspicious first day of the year. Imagine my relief when “10 Things That Can Be Accomplished In A Month” popped right up. Easy peasy, am I right?

Then I read through the list.

A couple were heavily dependent on a person’s bowel regularity and fertility.

#5 said you could write a book, maybe even two in a month, which just pissed me off, since I’ve been writing the same book for 6 years.

Oh, yeah, did you know you can travel to the moon back and forth 5 times? That is, if you already have taken 8+ years to become an astronaut. Or, if you’re a millionaire. Counts that one out for me, how about you?

Here are a few things I happen to know from personal experience you can accomplish in 30 days.

You can binge watch all 7 seasons of Sons of Anarchy.

You can procrastinate 30 days in a row.

You can eat 10 gallons of ice cream.

You can wake up hungover 30 times.

You can wake up not hungover 30 times.

The thing is, it doesn’t really  matter what some unshaven blogger (apparently you can grow a pitiful scraggly patch of facial hair)  who couldn’t even come up with a #10 on his list of “10 Things That Can Be Accomplished In A Month” says can be accomplished in a month. It doesn’t matter what I know I have managed to accomplish in a month. The underachieving porcupine-faced blogger and I cannot know what you can accomplish in a month.

But here is the one truth I do know, because I have seen it from both sides now. You will never know all the things you can accomplish in a month in which you are not drinking, unless you’ve tried it?

Wanna find out what you don’t know?

Here’s your chance. Once again this year, MM is hosting the world famous Dryuary campaign in which hundreds, maybe 1000’s, of people join together to find out what they can accomplish in one month. A month in which they pledge not to drink.

Since I have been a member of MM, I have also come to know that there is strength in numbers. Want to join those hundreds, maybe 1000’s of people who are not drinking this month and make them stronger and find your own list of “Things That Can Be Accomplished In A Month?”


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