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Kary May: I love this! Thank you so much for …

May 26, 2018

Comment on It Takes A Village by Gloria Morgan.

Kary May: I love this! Thank you so much for taking the time to write all of this. It is amazing what you expressed and so very true. It will give others the encouragement that they need.

Recent Comments by Gloria Morgan

My 1st wk, plus 1 day with MM
Thank you for your encouraging words! My late husband who died in 2004 had a severe drinking problem. Some days would start in the late am. I would be worried sick about him driving to work. So sick I suffered at my job. I will make this a short story. He ended up dying one nite when I was out. He started much earlier in the day. I came home found him on the bed choking on his vomit. Called 911. I tried reviving(this was not the 1st time something like this happened, several prior times to the hospital with him). Well, sadly they couldn’t save him. In some ways I know he is in a much better place. Not struggling daily with his demons. My point I guess is that you think I would have learned from this and not let myself get so carried away with my drinking. It has evolved more and more over time. Not at all during the day, but starts with a wine before cooking dinner, then goes nonstop throughout the evening.
I am so happy to have found MM. I know it is not for everyone. I don’t think my late husband could have done it. My current husband I think maybe. I have told him about MM a little so far.
Anyway, thank you for letting my get some of this off my chest. I would love to be able to help those that need help as I am being helped by others in MM. What a wonderful group to belong to. We need each other. We need each other to help us obtain the power and courage, strength to control our lives. It is good knowing you are out there for me! I salute you! God Bless.

New to Druary and to Blogging
Hey Sallie! That sounds exactly like me with the wine! I enjoy it.It tastes good! But know I am way way too far gone and have to do something about it. I joined yesterday. Did not drink last nite. Tonite I am on my 1st measured 5 oz of wine. Trying to savor it. I don’t want to do the 30 days if I can help it. But may find otherwise.
I enjoyed reading your post, as I saw myself there. How are you making out?