Dryuary prep!

December 31, 2017

I’m doing Dryuary again this year, and of course went to a Christmas party last night and came home with 4 bottles of alcohol as gifts. Ah hahahah! I’ve firmly packed them all in a box, taped the lid and put them in the basement – because of course people give me all my favorite drinks and it’s not cheap either so I’m not about to just hand them off to other people.

Otherwise, I’m writing a few posts for the month and getting my game in order. I’m lucky that I have a backlog of movies I want to see and plan to take in about two per week. I may get a bit tired if I do too much socializing, but I’m setting up friend dates to go see them so I am hoping it will replace other forms of socializing for me. I don’t have a hard time moderating when I’m out at a bar, but do find it hard to not drink at all. So aside from a few performances I want to catch, I’m going to limit my exposure to those venues.

And is it just me or does it seem weird to drink on New Year’s eve when I’m starting Dryuary? It’s not part of the event, but I’m not sure if I’ll drink tonight. No biggie if I do, but I may just jump on the bandwagon a day early just to ensure I’m not starting my day 1 with a hangover! Best of luck to everyone who is taking on this month!

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