Moderation Management (MM) is a behavioral change program and national support group network for people concerned about their drinking.

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  • 29 Aug 2017
    Alcohol-To Drink Or Not To Drink

    This article was written by MM member, Katy Byyrne, psychotherapist, writer and editor. She has given permission to publish it here: Stopping an addiction like drinking or moderating the habit is an ongoing debate in some circles. Whether to quit or regulate? Alcoholics Anonymous says that drinkers are “powerless” over alcohol and need to “turn...

  • 04 Apr 2017
    Moderation muscles

    My quest for new and better coping mechanisms to replace my drinking has led me to taking up regular exercise. It’s known to be mood-altering, so much so, that it’s one of the few proven treatments for anxiety and depression. I can’t help but see some similarity in my workouts and my moderation.

  • 01 Jan 2017
    What Can Be Accomplished In A Month?

      I googled that this morning, “What can be accomplished in a month?” I was feeling kind of pressured to write something on the always auspicious first day of the year. Imagine my relief when “10 Things That Can Be Accomplished In A Month” popped right up. Easy peasy, am I right? Then I read...

  • 14 Dec 2016
    Drinking No Longer Means Party

    Drinking can never mean "Weeeee!" to me again if I am going to succeed at moderation. Drinking is more like paying taxes and receiving only a simple satisfaction that I am being responsible in return.


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