Moderation Management (MM) is a behavioral change program and national support group network for people concerned about their drinking.

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  • 04 Apr 2017
    Moderation muscles

    My quest for new and better coping mechanisms to replace my drinking has led me to taking up regular exercise. It’s known to be mood-altering, so much so, that it’s one of the few proven treatments for anxiety and depression. I can’t help but see some similarity in my workouts and my moderation.

  • 01 Jan 2017
    What Can Be Accomplished In A Month?

      I googled that this morning, “What can be accomplished in a month?” I was feeling kind of pressured to write something on the always auspicious first day of the year. Imagine my relief when “10 Things That Can Be Accomplished In A Month” popped right up. Easy peasy, am I right? Then I read...

  • 14 Dec 2016
    Drinking No Longer Means Party

    Drinking can never mean "Weeeee!" to me again if I am going to succeed at moderation. Drinking is more like paying taxes and receiving only a simple satisfaction that I am being responsible in return.

  • 11 Dec 2016
    Where to begin?

    I’m a procrastinator. It’s actually a miracle I’m writing this article, but I owe my success with writing to the fact that I learned to get started with drinking less. Dealing with my drinking has helped me learn to figure out where to start with other things.


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